The original downward thruster, Link, comes from The Legend of Zelda and is a character in Super Mario Bros. Crossover.


  • Pressing the Left or Right buttons will cause Link to move left or right.
  • Pressing the Jump button will cause Link to jump.
    • Holding Up or Down while jumping allows Link to thrust upward or downward.
  • Pressing the Attack button causes Link to stab with his sword.
    • Pressing Up, Down, Left, or Right will allow Link to attack in any of those directions.
    • While Link has a Fire Flower, pressing the Attack button cause Link to shoot a magical sword beam.
  • Pressing the Special button causes Link to throw the Boomerang, which can stun most enemies and collect coins and power-ups.


Mushroom This will give Link one extra hit and the ability to get other pickups. It also gives Link the White Sword, increasing his attack power.
Bombs These explode after about a second, hurting anything within the radius. Link can only carry a limited amount of these. This weapon pierces armour. You can carry up to 20 bombs.
Bow and Arrows Arrows can be shot as a long-range projectile. You can carry up to 20 arrows.
Magical Boomerang This is similar to the Boomerang, but it travels to the end of the screen.
Blue Ring This turns Link's tunic blue. It protects him from his own bombs.
Red Ring This is a sword upgrade that shoots the sword as a projectile. It also turns Link's tunic red.
Super Sword This is also a sword upgrade that increases Link's attack power more. The White Sword's handle becomes red.

Link becomes invincible for a limited time.

Link Specific TipsEdit

  • When playing in the harder modes, Link's advantages are worth much more.
    • He has tight jumping and great control allowing him to easily land on small floating platforms.
    • He can stun any enemy with his boomerang, allowing him to easily pass.
    • He can downward thrust on the spiked, unbeatable enemies allowing him to easily pass in tight areas.
  • While fighting Bowser, stun him with the boomerang, then downward thrust on him in between him and the floating platform.
  • When underwater, stun Bloopers with your boomerang and get away! Those things are annoying! You can also upward thrust Bloopers. While this won't kill them (in one hit, anyway) it allows you to touch them from the bottom.
  • On amphibious Cheep Cheep levels, when you must jump hold up to upward thrust. That way you have insurance in case a Cheep Cheep finds a way to descend upon you.
  • When playing the newly infamous "Hammer Brother Mode", Link is a good choice because you can stun the Hammer Bros. with your boomerang, then jump on them for a one-hit-kill.

Original GameEdit

Link is from The Legend of Zelda for the Nintendo Entertainment System.

Differences From Original GameEdit

In the original, it was a top down adventure game. Link has been adapted to use in a side scroller