Characters BBTC created by Jay Pavlina creator of Exploding Rabbit

Character movesEdit

Prisoner 1Edit

​Original Game:Edit

Weapon: Spike

Uses: Run and Jump

Often thought of as an Italian Plummer on drugs due to his Italian Accent, all the pipes, the faces on everything, and powering up when he eats a mushroom or a "flower"


Original Game: The Legend of ZeldaEdit

Weapons: Sword, Bombs, Arrows, Bombs, Boomerang

Best: Magic Sword, Magic boomerang (longer throw)

Powers: Throw sword, extended boomerang throw (end of screen)


Original Game: Ninja GaidenEdit

Weapons: sword, ninja star

abilities: Climb Walls

Powers: Throw his Ninja Star and Use his Sword.

Simon BelmontEdit

Original Game: CastlevaniaEdit

Weapons: Axe, Rope

Powers: Axe throw, whip

fire flower: Double Jump


Original Game: Blaster MasterEdit

Powers: Shoot, climb walls, fly, following rockets

Best: longer flight

Weapons: Homing Missles, Triple Missles (2.0), Hyper, Crusher.

Bill RizerEdit

Original Game: ContraEdit

Powers: Shoot Cannon

Best: Machine Gun and Shotgun

Weapon: His Cannon

Samus AranEdit

Original Game: MetroidEdit

Weapons: Arm Cannon, Missles

Best: Varia Suit, Long Shot.

Powers: Freeze Enemies, Launch Missles, Firebar Protection.

Tofu ManEdit

Original Game: Super Tofu ManEdit



Best: Rush Tear

Powers: Shoot Tears

Azael Edit

Game: Super Tofu ManEdit

Code:leazA Weapon: Cannon

Best: Fly and dash

Powers: Shooting Brimstone and dash


​Original Game: Mario Bros.

Weapon: Boxing

Powers: High Jump, Fireballs, Break Blocks. Run and Swim. Boxing.

Best: Boxing